Upcoming – July 27 – Emiko Kaneko – Revisiting Mechanical Speaking Practices

Iwate JALT is happy to announce the speaker for our upcoming talk in July. We will be hosting Emiko Kaneko.

Location: AIINA, ROOM 602
Date July 27, 2014
Time: From 1:30pm – 4:00pm(13:30-16:00)
Cost: Free for JALT members. ¥1000 for non-members. ¥500
for full-time students.
Contact: iwatejalt@hotmail.com phone/fax: 019-663-3132


In the English as a foreign language (EFL) context, learners only have limited exposure to naturally spoken English. They also have very few opportunities in which they use English naturalistically for oral communication. Considering the limited exposure to the target language and a large classroom size, speech repetition may be a useful practice for oral fluency development. Though traditionally “repeating” and “drilling” have negative connotations, more recent studies show that they have positive influence on learner oral proficiency. In this presentation, I will familiarize the audience with a series of oral dictation practice conducted in the University of Aizu and report how students’ spontaneous speech (speaking without prior preparation) changes.





Emiko Kaneko is a senior associate professor in the Center for Language Research at the University of Aizu, specializing in English language acquisition and instruction for EFL learners, with special interest in teaching/assessment of L2 speaking and phonology. Her Ph.D. in English comes from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


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