Being Hired at National University Corporations – Martin E. Pauly

IMG_7065-EditOn September 28 we were visited by Martin E. Pauly,  a Professor Emeritus in the Research and Support Center on Higher Education for the Hearing and Visually Impaired at the Tsukuba University of Technology.  He gave a talk on how one goes about getting hired at a University in Japan, and what they need to watch out for.

Martin spoke of his experiences being hired and working for the Tsukuba University of Technology and his discussions with fellow professors. He was careful to mention that the hiring process in Japan is a very long and complicated process, especially for those departments looking for new professors. There are many bureaucratic obstacles that lie in the path of a job applicant, and they must be as patient and cooperative as possible.  He also spoke of the different contracts that Universities offer applicants. Martin stressed that a job seeker needs to be aware of the length and type of contract offered, as many these days are not permanent.

Martin also shared some stories with us of what a person should not do while employed at a University in Japan, and what a person can do to increase their chances of landing that dream job. While the system has changed and it has becoming more challenging, there are still many opportunities out there. We want to thank Martin again for taking the time out of his busy schedule and joining us this past Sunday.

Reported by Jason Hill

All photography ©2014 Jason Hill


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