Out of Class Student-Directed Task Based Teaching & Learning – Tim Murphey –

I just got word of this talk coming to Iwate University on Saturday,  December 13, 2014.  While it is not an Iwate JALT spondored event, I wanted to pass it along.

The Iwate Association of English Education presents

Out of Class Student-Directed Task Based Teaching & Learning

Tim Murphey (神田外語大学教授)

Place: Iwate University Faculty of Education, Room E22

岩手大学教育学部 総合教育研究棟(教育系)E22号室

Time: Saturday December 13, 13:15 – 15:15

Description: We all give tasks in class regularly for students to carry out and learn from. This workshop will look at how we can also give tasks to students to teach the material they are learning to others (friends, family, etc) and create more and better learning of things that we want them to learn. Research shows that they also learn better social skills and many other things we cannot imagine when giving them such homework. Several sets of materials and projects will be described and demonstrated and of course, to walk my talk, your job will be to teach/share this information with others (friends and family and co-workers) in your own social networks.

For inquiries, please contact James Hall (jhall@iwate-u.ac.jp).

お問い合わせは、ホール ジェームズまでjhall@iwate-u.ac.jp


Tim Murphey’s Biography:

Tim Murphey (MA University of Florida, PhD University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) finished his PhD on Song and Music in Language Learning in 1989, part of which can be found in his Oxford University Press book Music and Song (1992). Tim is the author of many books and journal articles. Among which are “Group Dynamics in the Language Class” (Cambridge University Press) coauthored with Zoltan Dornyei in 2003 and his popular Language Hungry! (McMillan Languagehouse 1998, Helbling 2006) for students and teachers. Tim presently teaches at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan. He loves teaching, juggling, skiing, and finding positive ways to enjoy learning and teaching.


Tim’s Home page: http://www.kuis.ac.jp/~murphey-t/Tim_Murphey/Welcome.html
Tim’s Students on YouTube:
Tim’s Professional Development Journal
To Get Tim’s Novel “The Tale that Wags”: Go to



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