Upcoming – January 25, 2015 – Margarita Foster – Motivation: The Importance of Social Influences

Location: AIINA, ROOM 602
Date January, 25 2015
Time: From 1:30pm – 3:30pm(13:30-16:30)
Cost: Free for JALT members. ¥1000 for non-members. ¥500 for full-time students.
Contact: iwatejalt@hotmail.com or jasohill@gmail.com phone/fax: 019-663-3132

1. Title:  Motivation: The Importance of Social Influences

In social psychology there are several studies which analyze the importance of human interaction in the process of teaching and learning. This presentation will review some of these findings and their influence on sustain motivation.

2. Title:  A Motivated Teacher Can Motivate Students, but What Motivates the Teacher?

Stress is a common experience for teachers struggling to manage learning activities and employ various strategies in their teaching. Teacher motivation is a key factor in functioning despite this stress and fulfilling the role of teacher as facilitator of learning. This presentation will review some findings of a study on teacher motivation, the strategies teachers use to maintain motivation, and how they cope with stressful situations.

A short group-workshop will follow, where everybody can participate and share ideas. Then, we could draw together some conclusions.

Short bio: Margarita Foster works at Hachinohe Gakuin University. Her studies include psychology and criminology at universities en Bolivia, Japan and Spain. Currently her research interests are juvenile delinquency and resilience.


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Teacher in Japan and landscape photographer.
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