A Message From Kris at the Learner Development SIG on Grants

The following is a message from Kris at the LD SIG at JALT.

Do topics like learner and teacher autonomy, identity, self-regulated learning, and motivation spike your interest? Do you believe in the importance of learner development, and your own development as a teacher, and want the chance to explore this with like-minded colleagues for a year at no cost?

The JALT Learner Development SIG is offering free 1 year subscriptions and memberships to the SIG for non-JALT members and non-LD SIG members, respectively. As a subscriber or member you will receive copies of our newsletter Learning Learning, invitations to take part in LD SIG Forums and Get Togethers, and become part of a community of well over 200 educators across Japan and the world. Get more information about these grants and how to apply here:

LD SIG Subscription Grants: http://ld-sig.org/subscription-grants/

LD SIG Membership Grants: http://ld-sig.org/membership-grants/

If you decide to officially join us after trying out the SIG for a year, you will become eligible for a wide range of grants designed to support members to attend conferences, conduct research, and engage in outreach and volunteer activities. More information about the wide range of grants on offer to LD SIG members can be found here: http://ld-sig.org/grants/


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