Hello everyone !
Just a little over a month to go before the 2016 MEES conference ! We want to thank everyone who submitted presentation proposals this year. We are proud to announce our full day’s lineup of seven presentations for Sunday, May 29th!

Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Xreading.comwill also be at the conference to assist you with their great teaching resources and materials!

Please check out the full conference schedule below. The lineup and full presentation descriptions are available at the MEES 2016 page.

Conference Schedule

09:00 – 10:00 Registration

10:00 – 10:10 Opening Comments

10:10 – 11:05 Plenary Session – Lesley Ito (Big Bow English Lab, Nagoya) ‘Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Strategies for Young Learners in EFL’

11:15 – 11:55 Session 1 – Colin Mitchell (James English School, Hirosaki) ‘Motivation and Progression’

12:05 – 12:30 Session 2 – Rob Peacock (Teacher Trainer, Oxford University Press) ‘Six Skills Study for Confident Communication with Stretch’

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break (bento available on site)

13:30 – 13:55 Session 3 – Riaz Donaldson (Cambridge University Press) ‘Bringing Academic English to a Broader Audience with Unlock’

14:05 -14:30 Session 4 – Paul Goldberg ( ‘The Benefits of Doing Extensive Reading Online with Xreading’

14:40 – 15:20 Session 5 – Jason Hill (Hachimantai City BOE, Iwate) and Kathryn Akasaka (English Instructor in Iwate Prefecture) ‘Using Popular Culture to Create Interesting English Classes’

15:30 – 16:10 Session 6 – Greg Anthony (Hachinohe Gakuin University) ‘All Fun and Games? Affecting Appropriate EFL Motivation in Young Learners’

16:10 – 16:20 Closing Comments


I hope to see you all there!




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