MEES 2017 – Pre Event Dinner, Presenter Lineup and Schedule


Come and join us for a fun and relaxing dinner the Saturday evening before the MEES conference ! Make new friends and share ideas over some drinks & eats!

This year, we will meet at the HACCHI Portal Museum, located in central downtown Hachinohe, and decide on where to go (within walking distance) from there, taking into account the number and preferences of those present. If the weather is agreeable, there are also outside eating/drinking options.

We would appreciate it if those planning to join us would let let us know in advance by WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14th.

Thanks & hope to see you all there !!

Date: Saturday, June 17
Meeting Time: 6:00pm
Place: inside HACCHI Portal Museum (はっち 八戸ポータルミュージアム)1st Floor ‘Hacchi Square’ (Public Meeting Space)

* If you are running late the evening of the 17th, please contact Barry Grossman or Greg Anthony (phone, facebook messenger, e-mail, etc)… just posting here on facebook might not get noticed the weekend of the conference!

Google Maps Location:



MEES page on Iwatejalt

Hello everyone !
Just under a month to go until the 2017 MEES conference ! We want to thank everyone who submitted presentation proposals this year. We are proud to announce our full day’s lineup of six presentations for Sunday, June 18th!

Please check out the full conference schedule below. The lineup and full presentation descriptions are also attached to this post as 4 separate image files.

Details on the pre-conference dinner party (evening of Sat. 17th), shuttle busses to and from the venue, and bento reservations will be posted here soon.

Conference Schedule:

09:00 – 10:00 Registration

10:00 – 10:10 Opening Comments

10:10 – 11:10 Plenary Session – Marc Helgesen (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University) ‘DIY NeuroELT – Make Your Text More Brain-friendly’

11:20 – 11:50 Session 1 – James Hobbs (Iwate Medical University) ‘Neuropsychology and the Nervous Presenter’

12:00 – 12:30 Session 2 – Robert Walsh (University of Maryland University College-Asia) ‘Service Learning for Higher Education in East Asia’

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break (bento available on site)

13:30 – 14:00 Session 3 – Robert Walsh and Norie Chida (University of Maryland University College-Asia) ‘A Bridge Across Cultures: An Intercultural Interview Project at University of Maryland University College’

14:10 -14:40 Session 4 – Mike Morris (Hachinohe National Institute of Technology) ‘So You Got Stuck with the English Writing Class’

14:50 – 15:20 Session 5 – Yukako Kimura (St. Ursula Eiichi Elementary and Middle School) ‘Creating Workshops with Young Learners’

15:20 – 15:30 Closing Comments


(Hachinohe city is set up weird !)

In particular, this information is for those staying at a local hotel AND planning to attend the Saturday evening dinner party. We wanted to let you know about the distance and travel time required to the dinner party if you stay at one of the hotels close to “Hachinohe Station”.

There are 2 main train stations in Hachinohe: “Hachinohe Station” and “Hon-Hachinohe Station”.

“Hachinohe Station” 八戸駅 has access to shinkansen lines and local trains. However, it is located on the extreme outskirts of the city and about a 15 minute ride to the closest downtown station (Hon-Hachinohe Station). There are a couple of hotels close by (Toyoko Inn, Hotel Mets) that are very convenient to Hachinohe station, but as the location is remote from the city center, there is very little else close by within walking distance. If you stay here, please be aware that the Saturday evening dinner party location is a 20-30 minute bus ride …or 30 minute+ train & walking) away. If you do this and take the train / bus, we recommend checking timetables / maps and planning out your trip downtown and back in advance. Of course, taxi is also an option.

“Hon-Hachinohe Station” 本八戸駅 is the closest local train station to downtown Hachinohe. There is no shinkansen access here. And, although it is the closest station to downtown, it is still a good 10 minute walk to the city center, called “Mikka-machi” (where the Saturday evening pre-conference dinner party will be held).

“Mikka-machi” 三日町 is what the locals call downtown Hachinohe. There are a number hotels in / near downtown (Super Hotel, Daiwa Roynet, Citypark, etc.). This is where the nightlife is and where the dinner party will be held. There is convenient access to and from “Hachinohe Station” via local bustops in “Mikka-machi”.

Our free shuttle van service to and from the conference on Sunday will stop at “Hachinohe Station”, “Hon-Hachinohe Station” and “Mikka-machi”.

Hachinohe’s layout have you confused yet?! (=
If you have any questions or concerns about hotels and getting around in Hachinohe, just drop us a message in advance.



I’ll have more updates when they become available.


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