MEES 2018




The 5th annual Michinoku English Education Summit

Co-sponsored by the Iwate Chapter of JALT and Hachinohe Gakuin University

Sunday, June 3, 2018

at Hachinohe Gakuin University

Optional pre-conference workshop and welcome reception / Networking bonanza the day before on Saturday, June 2 ! (details below)


“Observations on Teaching and Learning; Whatcha doin’?”

Are you doing something new that makes a difference in your students’ motivation or grades? Have you noticed any changes in your classes recently? These questions, as well as more formal types of observations (i.e., active research), are the engaging topics that will be addressed at MEES 2018. In a casual yet informative setting, learn new approaches applicable to your own teaching context, or just catch up with what other teachers are currently doing. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new colleagues while hanging out with old friends.



Topic: “Learn to use a corpus! A very hands-on workshop”

Workshop Leader: Dr. Barry Grossman
(B.A. in English Literature, M.A. in Linguistics, Ph.D. in English and Applied Linguistics)
Time: 14:00~17:00
Place: Hachinohe Gakuin University, Bldg. #7, Computer Lab

This workshop will introduce participants to various types of English language corpora. The ubiquity of the internet has allowed billions of pieces of language data to be accessed at the click of a mouse. Modern user-friendly software allows even non-computer people easy access to this native English data. A corpus can be used to find authentic examples, frequency, timelines, or register (newspaper, fiction novels, spoken, etc.) information of a given word, phrase, or syntax. This workshop will give participants the necessary skills to do various types of corpus searches for their own curiosity or for the benefit of their classes.

Following this workshop will be a welcome reception and networking dinner party in downtown Hachinohe. Join us for both, either/or, or just come out to the main conference on Sunday!


CALL FOR PRESENTERS for the main conference (Sunday 3rd)


We are approaching this year’s topic broadly and informally. For example, have you noticed any changes in your classes recently? Are you doing something new that seems to make a difference in your students’ motivation or grades? Have you learned something that other teachers might find useful?

These questions as well as more formal types of observation are just a few of the requested presentation topics. Presentations related to active research, classroom feedback, anecdotal evidence of learning or teaching, or even just insights about your teaching and learning are welcome!

Presentation proposals should address changes related to language pedagogy, perceptions of language education, and/or other relevant topics. All proposals should be 100-200 words in Word or PDF format.

Session Presentation: 30 minutes (20 minute presentation, 10 minute Q & A). Please advise about your presentation style: Hands-on Workshop, Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, etc.

Send presentation proposals by April 16, 2018 to:

Greg Anthony:


For presentation proposals or any other conference-related inquiries, see details posted on 2018 MEES Facebook event page, or contact this page’s administrator.